1. "N I G H T W R I T E R" — Single
    Scottie Spitten

  2. "S T A R M A N / G L A S S" — Single
    Scottie Spitten

  3. Music To Wrap To
    SlopFunkDust & J.Bizness

  4. ASR-10 Beat Archive Vol. 2

  5. Realms

  6. Regular Rap (Instrumentals)
    The Regulars (Otayo Dubb x Tahaj The First)

  7. Regular Rap
    The Regulars (Otayo Dubb & Tahaj The First)

  8. Gravity & Grace
    Jeremy Ian Thomas

  9. Letter To Falon
    Jay Electronica

  10. Dead Dead Deadski

  11. The Emerald Tablet
    Jeremy Ian Thomas

  12. Soundtrack of Autumn
    Marv Won

  13. "Suicide Squad" featuring Royce Da 5'9"
    Marv Won


  15. Five Week Heet V

  16. Five Week Heet IV

  17. Five Week Heet III

  18. Five Week Heet II

  19. Five Week Heet I

  20. Bare Knuckle Gospel
    Krum & Rob Viktum

  21. #PrayerHandsEmoji
    Jake One

  22. Martin Lucid Dream
    Denmark Vessey

  23. ASR-10 - Beat Archive Vol. 1

  24. The Observations of King Coz Vol.2: The Other Side
    King Coz

  25. Laura Mvula Chopped.
    Kay & Luke of The Foundation

  26. Lost In The Garden
    Kay & Luke of The Foundation

  27. The Moon Sings To Me
    Kay & Luke of The Foundation

  28. Randle Rose
    D. Randle & D. Rose

  29. "They Schweepy" (Live One Take From The Coachhouse)
    Denmark Vessey and the Storefront Church

  30. Here, My Dear
    The ARE

  31. Looking Up (The AREchives)
    The ARE

  32. Fuk U Talmbout
    That Boy Bigweed of Hustle Skwad

  33. I Am The Skwad
    That Boy Bigweed (of Hustle Skwad)

  34. The Smoke Musik EP
    The Joint Chiefs (Rhettmatic x Frank Nitt)

  35. Live at Record Bar 4/22/2013
    Eddie Moore and the Outer Circle

  36. P0RT 047 Mix
    Dave Notti

  37. Freq Freq
    Clear Soul Forces x Kooley High

  38. FWMJ's Rappers I Know Month Compilation

  39. Hex Hates You Mixtape
    Hex Murda

  40. "80Four (1998)"
    Kev Brown

  41. Away With Words
    MyOne (Strange Fruit Project)

  42. Rappers I Know Podcasts
    Rappers I Know

  43. Fly Guys
    Kay of The Foundation & Donwill of Tanya Morgan

  44. Excerpts From The SP1200 Volume 1 (1994-1998)

  45. "Fly Guys With Glasses"
    Kay of The Foundation & Donwill of Tanya Morgan

  46. The Daily Journal
    D. Rose

  47. Wake Up Call EP

  48. The DC Hip Hop History Project
    The DC Hip Hop History Project

  49. #REVO
    Clear Soul Forces

  50. DJ Scrap Dirty x DJ Supa x Rappers I Know present Violator Radio: T3 — 3illa Madness

  51. Call of Duty: MW3 featuring The Infamous Mobb Deep
    Jay Electronica

  52. "Glen Rice"
    That Boy Big Weed

  53. #CRASH

  54. Exclusives

  55. Recycle Bin
    The Niyat

  56. This Is The One We Need Not Look For Another
    Jay Electronica

  57. "Delonte West" featuring Smiley Jonez
    Hustle Skwad

  58. The Hybrid
    Danny Brown

  59. This Way (Album Sampler)
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah

  60. Detroit State of Mind 4
    Danny Brown

  61. Vol. 2: Back In The Game
    Rappers I Know & Funkadelic Freestyles

  62. Vol. 1: The Off Season
    Rappers I Know & Funkadelic Freestyles

  63. Snappage Volume 1
    Snap a/k/a Red Clay of The Niyat

  64. "There Can Only Be One" Digi-Single
    Rappers I Know

  65. Chasing Strange EP
    Neon Collars

  66. Scratches & Demo Tape Volume I
    FWMJ & Jay Electronica

  67. Death of Autotune
    Roger Riley & Teddy Troutman

  68. Taster's Choice
    D. Rose

  69. New Flava Maxi-Single
    Rappers I Know

  70. "My Swag" Digi-Single
    Lil' Big Yung

  71. Act I: Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
    Jay Electronica

  72. The Talk Show
    Kay (of The Foundation)

  73. Still Climbing EP
    The ARE

  74. The Throwdest
    Hustle Skwad


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